Sunday, 18 October 2015

Spa Days

I've been a little run down in the last couple of weeks (I've been really busy, but it's also the time of year when all the bugs seem to come out - I have a cold as I type this), so when my friend suggested we have a day at a spa I jumped at the chance. This used to be something we did quite often (mostly in the pre-small boy days but also in the post-small boy, pre self employed days when I had more cash!) and I was in desperate need!

So I sorted out my monstrous feet, made myself spa ready and headed off last weekend. I can assure you that I didn't just lounge around - we spent some time in the gym (my physio has recommended the cross trainer for my bad back so I was straight on there - it worked a treat) and I realised just how much I miss going to the gym (being able to stretch to membership of a nice gym again, and having the time to go are goals which are currently high on my list!). We also swam in a lovely outdoor, heated, saltwater pool; I had my first ever Indian head massage - which was lovely, and then sat in the various steam rooms, lounged around etc until it was time to go home. It was so so nice...

In the treatment waiting area there was a magazine featuring international spas which obviously got me thinking about all the others I'd like to go to! Here are some which sound just wonderful/have been on my list for years.

1. Sandy Lane, Barbados - OK not just for the spa. Sandy Lane is pretty pricey and is somewhere I've always wanted to stay (it's even family friendly so once I get that lottery win, I'm there). We drove past when we went to Barbados but you couldn't see much from the road - the spa is apparently wonderful and, well it's also the Caribbean so what else is there to say?

2. Thalassa Spa, Anassa, Cyprus - this place just looks divine, and again it'll be warm (for most of the year at least). Also closer to home so the relaxation isn't completely undone by the jet lag...

3. Grayshott, Surrey - My friend doesn't want to go here as they don't do wine (not that she has a problem but she does think that a weekend away needs wine - for the most part I do agree!) - I'd like to go for their  7 day health regime programme - so like a detox and exercise and relaxation week - I'd be a new person. This will obviously never happen now that I have a child but a girl can dream!

4. Mandarin Oriental, London - Even closer to home than Grayshott and one for just a day (although I'd love to stay at the Mandarin it's probably a bit too extravagant when I can be home in less than an hour!). A relatively new hotel and a beautiful looking spa. My one Mandarin Oriental experience (in Tokyo) was amazing, so if that was anything to go by this place will be too. 

5. The Over Water Spa, Hilton, Maldives - I'll confess that I really really want to go to the Maldives, and this particular spa does look like paradise - so this might be the next holiday after Sandy Lane once I have that lottery win. Pretty sure I'd never want to leave...

Have you been to any fab spas you'd recommend? I can then add them to my wish list and you never know, I might make it in 20 years time! 

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