Sunday, 11 October 2015

Sharing the Sloth love...

Happy Sunday folks! The problem with planning to be spontaneous with a blog is that you inevitably end up not blogging... So I've decided to be slightly less spontaneous and aim for a weekly post on a Sunday (as the name of my blog may suggest). Let's see how that goes!

This week I've decided to share my love for an animal which seems to divide people - sloths.

Here's a particularly beautiful example I met earlier this year. And here he is again...

I didn't realise that so many people find sloths a bit creepy (almost as many were put off when I shared my new friend on social media as liked him), but a little browse on Etsy shows that I am definitely not in the minority. Here are just a few sloth related products you can get over there (a search brings up thousands!).

Oh, and here's just one more shot of my friend...

I met my sloth at the Woodside Wildlife & Falconry Centre in Lincolnshire. 

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