Sunday, 13 December 2015

The Christmas Jumper

I'm not a fan of Christmas jumpers (unless children are wearing them, in which case that's cute) and I've never owned one myself. I have however just bought myself a Christmas dress! (All images (c) Lindy Bop).

This is the 'Gilda' Green Alpine Print Swing Dress from one of my absolute faves Lindy Bop. Just look at it!!! I conveniently have a belt which matches perfectly and this is what I'll be wearing on Christmas Day.

I've been a fan of Lindy Bop for quite a while (and no, this isn't a sponsored post - I'm just mildly addicted...) - the 50's style of their dresses always appeal to me and they really suit my figure so I just keep going back. I went for the dress above but was also tempted by this one which come as a cute twin set...

On having a browse of their site, I did dissever that they have some really nice Christmas jumpers too (so I may still go back and buy one yet!). Such as this gorgeous red one.

Or a cardi?

And for those of you who have Christmas parties to go to (mine will be me, Ben & Jerry's, wine and White Christmas on the telly), they have proper party frocks.

Be still my beating heart. Perhaps I could wear this while curled up on the sofa with that ice cream? 

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