Sunday, 20 December 2015

Deck the Halls...

Happy Christmas everyone! Thank you for sticking with my new second blog in it's first few months. I'm going to be taking a break now until the New Year (although you can still find me on Made By Mrs M where I'll be blogging on all of my usual days - Monday, Wednesday and Friday - except for Christmas Day itself!).

I thought I'd share some nice festive pictures of my Christmas decorations with you today...

We always have a real tree when we'll be home at Christmas (and we always are nowadays as it's so much easier with the little man). The decorations on our tree are a real mix collected over the past 17 years or so...

If ever we've been away on the run up to Christmas, I like to try and pick up some decorations locally - our tree contains glass baubles from Paris, New York, Berlin, Amsterdam (we also have a nativity set we bought on our honeymoon in Barbados) and more, alongside decorations made by the little man and by me as well as other designer makers. A handful of mass produced ones too to bulk it out (I do like A LOT of baubles!), mostly from Paperchase and IKEA. 

This year I've gone for some real greenery on the mantlepiece - I expect this will be changed a couple of times as bits die off and need to be replaced, but I think it looks pretty.

Hope you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. See you in 2016! 

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