Sunday, 3 July 2016

Some positive things

This is actually the second attempt at a post for this week. My original one (written a couple of days before I wrote this) was a self indulgent, depressingly bleak ramble about the future of the country and how the world is basically ending...

I think I may have reached the next stage in the post-referendum grieving process now though and made the decision to delete the post. It just made me feel properly miserable again, and felt so melodramatic (note for my friends: yes, even more melodramatic than usual). So, I've decided on a change of theme.

If it weren't for the bad news, this week would've been pretty good. So. I'm going to make a list of positive things that've happened and stuff I'm looking forward to...

1. I went to Tooting this morning. Unless you know me well, you'll think that listing this is odd. I used to live there and I miss it quite a bit. Other positive here is that I was visiting to deliver a wholesale order to a new stockist. In fact I have 2 new stockists this week - this deserves it's own item number really.

2. The blog post I wrote on Monday (on my other blog) received such a fab response and I've had lots of lovely people approaching me, wanting to collaborate. 

3. Also on the topic of Blogtacular (which the post above was about), I've won a 1-2-1 coaching session with the founder, Kat Molesworth. So if this doesn't get me out of the doldrums, nothing will.

4. I was also one of the 9 winners of this week's #sgiew (So Good in Every Way - I wrote about it here). This week's winning grid as selected by Nikki McWilliams is here... (mine is on the right in the middle row - party rings and jammy dodgers).

5. I had a lovely, spontaneous trip to Tate Britain with my blogging friend Laura on Wednesday - we both needed cheering up. One of the best things was that we only planned it on Tuesday afternoon (spontaneous rarely happens when you have children). 

6. Mr M bought me the best set of oil paints, a table easel, paper etc on eBay and it's just arrived today. I'm planning to get on with trying them out ASAP. 

7. I've had lots of other lovely post this week too. 

And to look forward to...

1. Summer holidays - yes weeks to fill with the little man, I'm actually looking forward to it and to escaping (and hopefully getting some sunshine at some point!).

2. Visiting the Art Deco stations on the Piccadilly Line on Saturday (you're very welcome to join us - see here for info). 

3. Pressing go on my new collection (although I am a little nervous and holding back on this, as sales have pretty much stopped since the vote last week, and I'm wondering how long this will last). 

4. Another decoupage workshop with Gabriela Szulman (I'm going to make a tray).

5. Going to see the Pixies!!!!

So plenty of stuff. Plenty of yoga and gardening and sewing too of course...

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