Sunday, 17 July 2016

Walking through the lavender...

I'm back after a forced IT related break last week... To be honest I've hit another blogger's block so I'd been struggling to know what to write about anyway! Last Sunday we made our annual pilgrimage to the lavender field which is a 5 minute drive from our house. Here it is...

If you're in South London/North East Surrey a trip to Mayfield Lavender is (it would seem) a must - it gets busier every year. We first visited when they opened in 2006 and have been visiting ever since (we didn't live as close back then). To begin with it was just a field you could walk in and purchase a bunch of lavender and some oil, now it's quite the commercial operation with 2 separate places to get a snack, a proper (albeit open air) shop selling lavender products and plants, plus tractor rides for the little ones. 

I attempted a little video (from which you can hear that it was pretty busy!). Sorry for holding my phone the wrong way (awaits audible sigh from Mr M...)!

I may have only managed one short post in a fortnight, but things may be a little more sporadic around here over the next few weeks of the school holidays... You never know though I may find myself massively inspired and blog more than usual, but let's wait and see. Keep your fingers crossed for some decent weather! 

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