Sunday, 10 January 2016

Bloggers Block....

Happy New Year!

I've discovered something about myself in the past few months - something I probably already knew but it has now been confirmed. I can't take a break. Not a proper one anyway.

When I take a break from my business I get stressed - I either worry that I'm missing out on something (I'm almost certainly not!) or I start thinking of all the stuff I have to do, worry about when I'm going to get it done, and just start working again anyway.

I've also discovered that the old adage that the more you use your creativity the more of it you have, is true. Take this blog as an example...

I started writing this blog back in August as I fancied a fun little blogging project with no pressure. I didn't even intend to post that regularly (if I didn't want to) and the first posts were massively sporadic. My friend then pointed out to me that with a title such as the one it has, a weekly Sunday post might be appropriate (oh yes, why hadn't I thought of that?). But then there was an issue. I had to think of stuff to write about.

Rarely a problem with my other blog. I post 3 times a week. I have a set list (albeit in my head) of what I will and will not write about - I like to keep it "on brand". This blog is all about the stuff I can't write about on that one because it doesn't fit, or the tone isn't quite right. To start with it was fairly easy, although I've realised that I'm still not that comfortable sharing too much parenting and small child related stuff (sorry - it's me not you), and that Made By Mrs M is actually very me (so I'm the "brand" - hooray! That makes life easier...).

Anyway, so here we are 3 weeks after I decided to take a Christmas and New Year break from this blog (I took 1 day off from the other one!!!) and I'm stuck for ideas...  Well yes, I did have a very nice Christmas thanks, but you don't want to hear about that on 10 January do you? Aside from having masses of work on (thank you for keeping me so busy folks - see not taking time off from my business has resulted in loads of orders - someone give me a slap please), I haven't got anything exciting planned this month. I could write about my Christmas presents but they're all so "on brand" they'll be featured on the other blog!

So instead I've written a semi steam of consciousness post about how I have nothing to write about!

Do pop back next week to see if I come up with anything more exciting. Alternatively you could let me know if there's anything you'd like me to cover in the comments. I've illustrated this post with some nice little shots from a couple of days out we had over the holidays - a blustery day in Brighton and a grey but very pleasant walk on Epsom Downs. See you next week!

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