Sunday, 24 January 2016

Quiet Weekends

As I type this, we're mid-way through a run of weekends where we have NO PLANS. None. Zero. This never happens around here.

Now, I am a bit of a planner (and you'll know if you've been reading this blog recently that I really do prefer to be busy), but I often find it a little overwhelming when every single weekend for the foreseeable future is full. At this time of year I tend to be pretty quiet work wise (although this year I have a lot more work on than I've ever had before) and in the past I've probably filled the weekends to make up for it. But not this year. 

Two weeks ago, the little man and I spent the best part of an afternoon making crafts, drawing and collaging at the kitchen table - him working on one project, me working on another - one thing that never happens. When he was a baby I had this little rose tinted vision that we'd do this sort of thing, that weekend was the first time. He's getting on for 6...

We've also spent a lot of time by the fire (it has been rather chilly), and just enjoying being at home. I've managed to avoid weekend Post Office runs (although I have had some work to do - not too much though) and have spent a little less weekend time on social media (I've gone off Facebook completely - a couple of minutes at a time is just about my limit - so apologies to friends whose posts I've failed to like/comment on, when I would've done in the past, I haven't seen them - and it's not you - or me for that matter - it's Facebook). I think I feel better for it.

Last weekend it snowed. Mr M and the little man managed to conjure up a snowman from basically no snow. I tried not to be too alarmed by the sight of a flowering agapanthus amongst it.

And thanks to some really painfully sore muscles (I won't bore you with the story, I've just about had enough of it now!), I got to have an afternoon bath - yes a bath in the afternoon - yes I have a child. A miracle I know (it was lovely - I stayed in the tub for an hour).

And do you know the best part? At the moment we don't have any plans for next weekend either! I probably should make some effort to see friends, do something productive, take the little man out somewhere, but just staying at home and not doing much is fun! Oh, and fortunately come February we start to get busy again!!! 

What do you like to do when you have nothing to do? I like the idea of sitting in bed reading the Sunday papers and then going for brunch, but as I said I do have a nearly 6 year old... 

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