Sunday, 31 January 2016

Winter in the Garden

Our garden was designed so as to have year round interest. It is looking a little scrappy at the moment though (few don't in January) and I had a little potter out there last weekend with the small boy, trying to spot the interesting stuff...

Thought I'd get one last shot of the hydrangea heads before they're chopped off but I've been told I should leave them as they protect the new shoots - so you learn something new every day (they're still there!). 

I also thought it might be a good opportunity to seek inspiration for a workshop I've signed up for. I'll be making silver clay jewellery with Emma Mitchell (you can see the sort of thing here) and at the moment I'm struggling to decide what I want to make. Do I go organic as Emma does with her own beautiful work, or do I try something completely different? Let me know if you have any thoughts! 

I may have failed on the ideas front but it is always nice to do a lap around our little plot - especially when the sun's out and it's not too cold. I'll share some more pictures as the flowers start to show themselves in the spring. 

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