Sunday, 28 February 2016

Exploring Lincolnshire...

Ah, a week off.... Well, a relative week off anyway - time off school is rarely a holiday for parents! As I type this, I'm working again, he's back to school, and I'm completely knackered. Anyway... Daddy was working over half term so I took the little man to spend the week with his grandparents in Lincolnshire.

Finds from a mini nature walk in Grandma and Grandad's garden

As you would expect, we're there fairly regularly, and I spent my teens living there, but here's a little rundown of what we did on this occasion and some outings I'd recommend. 

Lincoln Castle

The castle has had a pretty significant revamp in recent years and reopened with a fanfare last spring. This was my first visit in a very long time (I think the last time was when I crossed the finishing line of the Lincoln 10k about 10 years ago!). You can now get into the castle for free and visit the nice cafe and shop, stroll about, sit on the grass etc. But they charge for entry to the Magna Carta exhibition, prison (this is worth seeing if you haven't been before if just for the chapel) and to walk the walls. The walls have been restored and for the first time (ever in my memory) you can now walk right around them. It was a lovely day, and we had a very impatient 5 year old with us so we opted for the wall walk only. It was really rather good and I'm sure we'll do it again.

The cathedral from the castle walls

Inside the cafe

Woodhall Spa is a really really pretty little town with some lovely houses. It always seems to rain when I'm there though - I'd love to take a stroll around sometime. We visited the cinema there as it really is a fantastic experience (and the Odeon in Lincoln is second highest in price only to Leicester Square - yes, this is true!). 

The Kinema is in a wonderful old little building tucked away in the woods (the clue is in the name!). You get an interval and an organist. So it (almost) makes watching Alvin and the Chipmunks bearable. Almost. 

Pretend you're in the 1950s at the Kinema in the Woods

Head down to Sleaford for the National Centre for Craft and Design. I absolutely love this place. My Dad doesn't. On this occasion though he was as enamoured as the rest of us as there was a fabulous exhibition of furniture on (as a carpenter he was in his element!). The little man got to make stuff and my Mum and I just loved pretty much everything. They have changing exhibitions throughout the year and a wonderful shop. Do check the place out.

The National Centre for Craft and Design

We visited The Garden House to see the snowdrops - there were quite a few. It's a relatively newly established garden and it can only get better year on year - they've planted a woodland walk (along which you can see the snowdrops) - the trees are pretty small at the moment but its' still worth a visit. 

The Garden House, Saxby

I was also rather taken by the formal gardens nearer the house, where we spotted some lovely hellebores and cherry blossom.

The Garden House, Saxby

The Garden House, Saxby

We pootled around the house a fair bit too - the little man loves his grandparent's garden as it's huge. We also had a bit of snow to play in!

Playing in the snow in our pyjamas

A couple of food recommendations too.... While we did end up eating in two (yes 2) separate branches of Pizza Express (the little man's favourite) we also had a fantastic lunch at Doddington Hall - their burger is fab (as is the cake). They have a brilliant shop there too. At the end of the week we had a very nice pub lunch at The Kings Head in Tealby (gorgeous old thatched building in a very pretty village near Market Rasen). 

And that was that, back to the smoke! 

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