Sunday, 7 February 2016

The Beach Hut

I've long dreamt of having my own beach hut - I'm sure a lot of us have. Now I'm known for my love of concrete and brutalism, and mid-century stuff but a pretty colourful little beach hut is equally wonderful - no? Also eminently more affordable than a flat in the Barbican...

So, a couple of times a year we'll be at a beach and say "Yes, let's buy one!" - although of course this is yet to happen. We calculate how many times we'd have to go to make it worthwhile - factor in how many times we could actually go (when the rain is hopefully not horizontal) and decide not to. One day though.

These pictures were taken at Lancing beach last weekend (it looks idillic but it was a tad cold and breezy - I still see myself in my hut, making a pot of tea though, no?). Lancing is my favourite beach (that we can just pop to from South London anyway) - it's nice and quiet too, so don't all rush down there at once please! Anyway, when you buy a beach hut you're basically buying the plot - and the huts only last 20 years or so (if you're lucky with all that wind and sea spray and all) - there's an annual ground rent to pay too, so it can all get a bit pricey. A girl can dream however. 

If you are interested in purchasing a hut (not in Lancing though please, I don't want the prices to go up...!), this website is rather useful. 

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