Sunday, 14 February 2016

The Spring Clean...

I finally decided to have a wardrobe clear out last week when I got completely fed up of trying to wedge my dresses in, and find the particular black jersey thing I was after. It was fairly epic. This is what the charity shop is receiving:

27 dresses
22 tops
13 skirts
6 cardigans
6 items of swimwear/nightwear/underwear
2 pairs of leggings.

As you can see I was pretty ruthless. Still plenty of cardigans left though, so that's OK!

Now for a restock, or not... It seems that I still have quite a lot to wear (including a rainbow of cardigans). I did make one initial purchase though - a new t-shirt from Baukjen. It's this one, but in grey (as it was in the sale).

Not very exciting I hear you say, but I love Baukjen. Their t-shirts are fantastic quality and wash really really well. This one replaces a grey one I bought when I was still on maternity leave, and have practically lived in for over 5 years (and that was the last time I sorted out my wardrobe - eek!). 

I also have jeans from Baukjen as they fit so well. Mine are a bootleg cut which they don't seem to do anymore (I'm short so it's the best cut for me!). 

So I have a bit of a wish list, but I'm managing to restrain myself fairly well at the moment. Boden had these wonderful shoes in the sale (which I'd been after for about a year) so I snapped these up too...

They've also got some lovely new stuff. Thinking I might need to go for something like this?

Then there's my current fave Lindy Bop. I already have a dress from them which has hummingbirds on and I've been wearing it a lot, but I think I might need this one too...

But at the moment, I'm quite enjoying having some space! I did get rid of a lot of summer stuff, so give me a couple of months and I may be shopping... If you have any recommendations for flattering bikinis (with a substantial bottom half - not that I'm saying I have a substantial bottom mind - 50's style...) I'm all ears! 

I'll be taking a week off from this blog next week as it's half term. See you again on Sunday 28 February. 

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