Sunday, 1 May 2016

6 Things About 6...

The little man turned 6 last week (another thing to make me feel old!). He keeps on surprising me, not just with his appallingly bad behaviour - only at home mind, an angel at school, of course - but with the stuff he does and doesn't do. I'm pretty sure if the folks behind the "What to expect when you're expecting" range of books did one for 6 year olds I'd laugh and refuse to buy it, but here are 6 things that surprise me...

1. He can actually read and write. Far from the top of the class, but he can. Not sure why this surprises me as I could by the time I started school, but back in the old day job (and many years ago now) I used to help out at a local school, reading with their year 6 pupils (so 10-11 year olds) and the child I read with could only read slightly better than my little man can now. Probably more of an issue with the child I was helping than anything else, but still... Also loves practicing spelling tests at home (strange boy).

2. He still likes to hold my hand. I expected this to end a long time ago. I'm very very happy that it hasn't.

3. His memory is astounding. "Do you remember [such and such a place/event/conversation from 3 years ago] when we did [x, y, z]?", yes he can, and can add to the conversation proving that he's not just saying it.

4. He still plays with his brio train set (which was the best buy ever). We bought a job lot of track on eBay for £35 when he was about 18 months old, it's been added to over the years but it's out downstairs as I type this ("don't pack it away Mummy") with some trees from Daddy's Hornby collection, as he visited a model railway exhibition with him last weekend and was inspired. A little extra one here... he still calls me Mummy. Again, makes me very happy!

5. He still loves his warm milk and despite my best attempts to buy some more grown up drinking vessels, he still prefers it from his baby sippy cup (unless he has friends around...).

6. We've clearly brought him up to be very strong willed and argumentative. He's also developed the skill of being a tad lazy then really rising to an occasion. These things mostly drive me crazy but I can only hope they'll serve him well in the future. That's assuming the tantrums end at some point. They've been ongoing since 13 months - I really wasn't expecting that...

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