Sunday, 15 May 2016

Sticking with the Yoga

I though I owed you an update as a few weeks ago I shared the news that I was embarking upon yoga classes for the first time in an absolute age. You can read that first post here. I was all full of hope, but pretty poor expectations when it came to sticking with it, but I've surprised myself!

My first class was a week before the Easter holidays so childcare was all over the place. On the second week I couldn't go to the class I'd hoped to go to regularly, but made it to an evening one instead (this would't usually happen - again due to childcare issues) - the evening class was different, but still brilliant. Then it was 10 days before the next one I could go to - so I was desperate by the time I got there and it was also fab.

Image (c) And Smile - used with permission

There then followed a couple of weeks in which I managed to go twice a week. I realised pretty quickly that the magical restorative effects only last for 2-3 days at best, and waiting a week wasn't working. But then my teacher went on holiday and I couldn't go for 3 weeks... This coincided with me getting a nasty cold. I managed to do a yoga DVD in week 2 (this one - it's my favourite, lots of sun salutations) but that was it. My sciatica got worse again, as did my anxiety and I was just downright grumpy.

But now she's back and I'm three more classes down - the back pain has almost completely gone, I slept so well last night after my class that I felt really groggy this morning, but hey... I'm more cheerful and positive again, and feel like I've grown about an inch in height. The new aim is two classes per week and one go with the DVD - hoping that'll keep me on a nice even keel! Again the timing thing really hasn't been an issue - I'm so productive after a class that so far I've managed to make up for all the working time I've missed by going to it. In fact, having a pile of work to come back to doesn't bother me at all - I find I'm looking forward to cracking on with it.

I've also surprised myself with what I can do (shoulder stand, yes - headstand as in the above illustration by And Smile (who's aiming for this herself!), not quite). but I do have the tightest hamstrings known to man. As I mentioned in my previous post though, it's not a competitive class at all - but I do seem to improve each time, and maybe one day I'll be able to grab hold of my toes!

An update on other exercise... still just managing lots of walking with the aid of the Fitbit, and I suspect that resuming running with all of my niggly injuries wouldn't be that clever but we'll wait and see.

Diet wise, I've reduced my wheat and gluten intake over the past few weeks as well. Still some cake though don't worry - I haven't cut it out altogether. Interestingly I read this post the other day about elimination diets and so called healthy eating - I'm hoping my reduction and a little more fruit and veg may be the best (and healthiest, and more enjoyable) way. So far I have noticed that I'm a bit slimmer, even though I haven't actually lost any weight - a nice bonus!

If you love the illustration above you can get similar things from And Smile's shop - if you haven't discovered Viktorija's work yet, prepare to fall quite badly for it!


  1. Well done! Sometimes it can be so hard to juggle all of life, but it sounds like you're really on the up! I did an intro to Ashtanga last year (2 day thing for beginners) and really loved it, but haven't managed to get on the mat since. To spur me on, I booked another class, which is called Moving into Mysore which runs on a Monday. I think I'll be a zombie though for the one after Blogtacular! :)

  2. I have to book my classes a week in advance to get a space - so I'm not committed for long but there's enough of a commitment to keep me going. I used to be a 5-6 day a week gym goer (before the little man came along), so once I get into something I generally stick with it - my expectations of myself are not so high nowadays though! Already looking forward to tomorrow morning's class - I actually turn up zombie like on most occasions and find it wakes me up so there's hope post-Blogtacular!! ��

  3. So glad to hear that you’re sticking with your yoga! When my wife made me start, I noticed that I was super sore and irritable after the first couple of classes, but once I made it part of my routine it got a lot easier – and stopped hurting. After a while, it starts to hurt if you don’t go!