Sunday, 8 May 2016

Snow, Sunburn and Legoland...

Well, the last week in April was a funny old one... On the day before the little man's birthday it snowed, on the birthday trip to Legoland last Sunday though, we all got sunburnt!

As I type this I feel like I'm still recovering from a somewhat epic weekend (I wasn't massively well last week though so my tiredness may well be a combination of the two). Rather than having a birthday party we had friends over on Saturday (for a mini party - 3 children, 6 adults and wine - much better than a screaming mass of 20+ 6 year olds!) and then the next day was the Legoland trip with his best friend. I have to say I was pleasantly surprised.

Once we got over the fact that it took us an hour to drive to the outskirts of Windsor then a further hour and 40 minutes to get in and through the gate (if you aim to get there when it opens folks, aim to get there an hour before it opens - if it's a bank holiday weekend and the sun's out anyway...), and then the amazingly long queue for filthy loos it was OK. I loved Miniland (in these pictures) and could quite happily have looked at the models for most of the day.

The little man was rather excited to see Paris in miniature after our trip there the other week...

We went on rides as well of course. I missed the first one (the little boats) as I spent 20 minutes queuing to buy my lunch and they all got fed up and joined that queue without me (so I had to spend an hour standing around and waiting for them - this might be when I burnt my newly bare neck!), but after that I went on a few - the rapids were my favourite and Mr M's too. The little man loved the driving school - it's from age 6 and up so he's only just old enough but he loved it and said it was the highlight of the whole day for him - he did do pretty well, although he keeps telling me he jumped a red light! 

Legoland is great for younger children (under 10/11 I'd say) as there aren't any big rides or rollercoasters - most rides are suitable for 6 year olds and above. Make sure you take plenty of money, it is massively expensive to get in (get discount vouchers from Kelloggs packets and save on adult tickets) once you get there the food is mediocre, service is slow and pricey, a tiny pot of sweets in the sweet shop was nearly a fiver, and you can't take your child there and not buy them something from the Lego shop at the end - so plan ahead! 

Having said that we'll probably be back - maybe try Chessington World of Adventures next though...

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