Sunday, 19 June 2016

Mornings... and Happy Fathers Day!

As you read this (if it's still Sunday morning), I am probably on my third coffee. This is a mistake and I know it but yesterday was Blogtacular (so a very busy, exciting day with a very early start) and today is Father's Day (so a very busy, exciting day for the little man, with a very early start). I'm lucky that Mr M is a morning person - which I most definitely am not... Most of the time I don't have to get up like this, but today I do and last week was mega busy. As I type this I'm fairly certain I'm struggling to function on Sunday morning.

Naively, when the little man was a baby, I thought I might become a morning person... Parents have to get used to never having enough sleep (and in my case the quality is never good - even if I get a lie in, he's making a racket downstairs, and I wake at the tiniest sound in the night, and struggle to get back to sleep), but no. If anything I find mornings even harder now than I used to. 

I should probably give up wine and start going to bed at 9pm every night, but that's not very sociable (or realistic), and anyway on the rare occasions I do do this, I don't wake any more refreshed - it's still as if I'm being pulled kicking and screaming from the womb...

Cool morning showers don't work, 2 coffees kind of do - number 3 wakes me up but makes me feel really weird (and wired) for the whole day, and affects my sleep that night (even if they were all before lunch). 

Not sure what the answer is. On mornings like this it's not as if I can do some yoga or go for a run - make the most of the time - as I have the little man with me. So, as you read this (on Sunday morning), I'm probably flicking through twitter and instagram while absentmindedly watching Paw Patrol or Horrible Histories. I won't be doing anything useful - just feeling exhausted and miserable. 

I'll also be trying to persuade him not to make too much noise and wake Daddy up on Father's Day. This is tricky as he's prone to tantrums and the cafe (where he will want to go) won't be open yet as it's Sunday. We'll probably have a card or present to get ready for Daddy, but that won't take 5 minutes and I expect he'll be grumpy about doing that anyway...

Right. Let's see if I'll be in bed by 9pm tonight... And once the whole house is up I'm sure we'll have a lovely day.

Happy Father's Day to all the fab Daddy's everywhere - especially those who usually do these painful mornings! 

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