Sunday, 12 June 2016

The Summer Throat...

At the end of May/beginning of June last year I developed a really bad sore throat - searingly bad. Initially I assumed it was a cold as I was a bit sneezy and had a headache too, but after a couple of days they'd gone and so had my voice.

I had about a week with pretty much no voice at all - which is really tricky with a young child about - having to speak to him constantly, repeating everything (and shout down the street after him when he ran away/shot off in the wrong direction) caused me to strain my throat further and it just got worse. When the voice came back I sounded like Joan Rivers after a string of smoky nights out and every word hurt. This lasted for 6 weeks - really taking the edge of Blogtacular and several other events, as well as leaving me feeling quite ill and drained. Doctor said it was laryngitis and I just had to take plenty of fluids, paracetamol and rest my voice (hilarious)!

So eventually it went and my voice recovered fully (although there were times where I really thought it wouldn't), but as I type this, at pretty much exactly the same time as last year - give or take a week - it seems to be back. Obviously this makes me want to cry - I'm running a workshop next week, I have Blogtacular again - I really don't want everything to be spoilt for two years in a row....

But, as I sit here consuming as many fluids as possible, I'm wondering if this might just be hayfever again - it's exactly the same time and exactly the same sore throat (so the Piriton is out even if I'm not convinced it's working). I'm certain if it is it's not caused by the lovely flowers above (from my garden) - my main bout of hayfever is usually in May and that's passed - I think that's caused by one particular type of tree pollen and once it's done it's done. So now I feel I need to try and work this one out too. 

I came across this rather fab and useful pollen calendar from Zirtek, which makes me think that the May tree thing might be Birch (as it's pretty much always over by June). but now, in South London, I'm assuming it's grass as nothing else around here is in it's "peak period of pollen release".  But maybe not, it might be something else. I've had all sorts of newfound allergies since the little man came along (thanks for that - I was always very happy with my allergy free status). 

The site also helpfully tells me that today the pollen count for the South East is very high, which may go some way to explaining why it's struck this morning. Needless to say I need to save my voice for next week, so I won't be picking up the phone to anyone today, and if the postman calls he'll be getting a smile and a nod rather than a "thank you", as I need to save my voice for a small boy who expects me to repeat every single thing I say 10 times... 

I put an anguished call out for hayfever relief tips on Instagram and received some brilliant ones - Antihistamines (yep) and nasal sprays, local honey - apparently it has to be local, showering in the evening before bed and changing bedding (especially pillows covers), not drying bedding outside as it picks up the pollen, dusting with damp dusters and keeping windows closed. 

Any other tips to add folks? 

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